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Photography and sound

In 1993, through an editing company, I got into television. In 1994 I started working as an ENG-sound engineer. In the following years,  I furthered my skills in vision engineering.
With my newly gained knowledge, I grew into hidden and underwater camera operating. My work is broadcasted on Dutch and international TV.

In 2004, while traveling through Senegal, I was asked to do a photoshoot
of local children, in a program learning to read and write, aimed at the age
of 12 year olds. With that, my passion for photography was reborn, grew and developed more. 

The start of my own audio-visual company was in 2013. 
My work focuse lies in portrait, theater and underwater photography.
In my own studio portrait and product photography can be done.

To capture the raw beauty of the world through a lens, giving it a shine and smile
is what I am after.

Let's get in contact to make the best photo for you!

Frank van Geelen

We are pleased to have worked with:

Air products                          
BIB verloskundige                     
Breemaat makelaardij         
Darlow Smithson Prod. Ltd. - London
Echocentrum Bergen op Zoom
Eier mitt Speck - Viersen
Fanfare korps Voorst
Firehouse - London
Helmig makelaardij
Jeroen van den Heuvel
Ligne notarissen
LRVT politie Brabant Oost
Martijn Tervoort AV 
NEP RF services
Spotzi Canada Ltd. - Ontario

Tomorrow mss
VRU Politie Landelijke eenheid